what happened to miss and mister independent?

June 25, 2009 notsoingenue

Once upon a time I sat in a classroom dreaming of what I would “be” one day. Like many..make that ALL of my classmates I had grandiose ideas of what I would do with my life. Whether we were determined to be Hollywood famous or finding the cure for Cancer and AIDS or perhaps building the tallest building ever, we were going to do great things. And while we loved our parents, our teachers and had respect for “authority” nobody was going to be the boss of us. We looked forward to being almost thrown to the wolves as we could conquer the world.
So how did my once braggadocio generation turn first into the hipster fools of the 90s that made being a slacker “cool” (Something I thought like leg warmers would fade) into full blown resignation? So complacent and timid we are eager to relinquish all control for the “sanctity” of security? Are we that lazy? Or is our self esteem so low we are afraid of the worst that we don’t want to even try? It baffles me. I mean we cheer people on American Idol or Biggest Loser cause they are so everyday yet accomplish great things. Yet we want some magic diet pill or what have you for ourselves? Huh?
You know what guys, get over it. Even those best things in life you call “free” really are not. What next do you want the government to issue you a BFF? Relationships require…tad dah..work. As with anything else.
Some of our most revered figures, from civil rights leaders to artists to doctors were at some point told “no” Or mocked or teased. It only served to ignite their passions and drive. Sometimes you have to have a few setbacks, do without a few things to get going or to appreciate what was there to begin with.

It is not selfish to put yourself first and make sure your needs are met. For as with love if you cannot do this can you really do so for others? And what is that grass is always greener sentiment? I know people that have more in terms of salary, possessions than do I. I also know that despite the cheery pictures all over myspace and facebook they work arduous hours including on vacations, while out to simple things like coffee and dinner. Do you want that for yourself? If not you cannot feel entitled to the material gains. There is nothing wrong at all if you want to work in retail or food service. Those are respectible jobs and need to be done. But asking for the same salary/gains/perks of someone who is say a doctor or lawyer? Are you serious? Change your way of thinking. I am tired of being called selfish or what not for being afraid(to put it mildly)of more and more taxes, fees that force me out of my means. I am the first to counsel a friend in middle of night. To be the designated driver. I donate clothes regularly, am kind to animals and am aware. Yet I do need to survive. I have modest goals and want to maintain them. There has to be some balance here not pushing and bullying and guilt tactics. As much as I would like to I am not a magician, I cannot save the world. But give me a chance to live without fear or constant policing, I will be good to myself and in turn leave my mark. All I ask.
The safety net system should be there as last resort, or in times of true tragedy. Selfish? Don’t you able bodied folk that octomom the system(so to speak) not feel remorse that some have true handicaps making it impossible to get around and work?

When did I turn into my mother? (when I was 18 I came here with 200.00 and one suitcase and worked as a nanny...)
Something like that Mom? I guess I will tell my nieces and perhaps my own child when I hopefully get to that point about getting up at 4:15AM driving to college 45mins going to class then to work for several hours then home to study and being on honor roll


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